Child Support

Child support is a legal issue for both married parents and unmarried parents. For married parents, child support is determined by the court during a divorce proceeding; child support is a separate legal action for unmarried parents.
Child support obligations are based on a formula incorporating the combined net income of each parent and the number of children requiring monetary support. In order to calculate the child support obligation, each parent must complete a worksheet reporting his or her individual financial information and the financial needs of the child or children. This worksheet financial information is entered into the standardized Washington State Child Support Schedule, which sets the basic amount of child support.

Per the statutes in Washington, monthly gross income shall include income from any source, including:

(a)Salaries(k)Severance Pay
(c)Commissions(m)Capital Gains
(d)Deferred Compensation(n)Pension Retirement Benefits
(e)Overtime(o)Workers’ Compensation
(f)Contract-related benefits(p)Unemployment Benefits
(g)Income from second jobs(q)Spousal Maintenance Actually Received
(i)Interest(s)Social Security Benefits
(j)Trust Income(t)Disability Insurance Benefits

Some monthly income sources can be excluded from gross monthly income. The following income and resources shall be disclosed but shall not be included in gross income:

(a)Income of a new spouse or income from other adults in the household
(b)Child support received from other relationships
(c)Gifts and prizes
(d)Temporary assistance for needy families
(e)Supplemental security income
(f)General assistance
(g)Food stamps

In determining the child support obligation, each parent is afforded an opportunity to present facts to adjust the basic support calculation. The attorneys at Eagle Law Offices, P.S. can effectively assist you in determining the amount of your child support or modifying your current child support payments.

In Washington, the Division of Child Support (DCS) is the enforcement agency governing child support. If DCS collects child support payments, the agency can take a maximum of 50% of a parent’s monthly net income for current child support and arrears (unpaid back child support). DCS is limited to 50% of a parent’s net income regardless of the child support obligation. In addition to a parent’s net income, DCS can take up to 50% of a parent’s non-need based government benefits, including, but not limited to, Unemployment Compensation, Social Security Disability Insurance, or Worker’s Compensation.

For more information child support, contact Eagle Law Offices, P.S.

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